Welcome to Livva Østerby, where innovative design meets Danish luxury jewellery, combining craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create extraordinary and captivating pieces. I am Livva Østerby, a Danish jewellery designer and the creative force behind this cool and abundant jewellery brand, and I invite you to immerse yourself in a world where innovation and timeless elegance intertwine.

Discover my unique take on Danish jewellery design, where I push the boundaries of traditional jewellery design and make innovative ideas meet sophisticated craftsmanship. Through captivating touches, I create designs that incorporate organic nature-inspired motifs, distinctive chunky elements, or a feminine statement. Embracing this contemporary and innovative approach to luxury and elegance, each piece has a creative edge that tells a story and reflects my artistic vision.

Seeking inspiration: Staying ahead of long-term trends

At Livva Østerby, I always strive to stay ahead of long-term trends and draw inspiration from the ever-changing world around us, capturing the zeitgeist of our time. I am fascinated by the culture, theories, and history that shape trends. By analyzing our social identity, our culture and values, the perception of beauty, as well as looking at street style, I sense new ideas and long-term trends that inspire me in creating innovative cool designs.

Embracing opposites to create unique expressions

In my creative process, I embrace the power of opposites to create unique expressions that unite in harmony. From the raw and the smooth to the organic and the stringent, the feminine and the masculine, the detailed and the minimal, and the natural and the technological, I explore contrasting elements that highlight each other's strengths. Through this exploration of opposites, I craft jewellery that is both captivating and harmonious, creating a balanced aesthetic that exudes luxury and extravagance.

Innovative jewellery design of opposites - Chain earring with organic floral leaves in 14k solid gold

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the imagined future

My designs draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, including nature's mesmerizing floral beauty and surreal organic elements, the wonders of my dreams, futuristic architecture, and the elegance of classical stucco ceilings in old apartments. They reflect my creative process and the visions that guide me. I am both romanticized by the past and intrigued by a sci-fi future yet to come, infusing my jewellery design with an air of cool visionary splendour.

NatureVerse of two statement flower earrings in sterling silver with pearls - The Alva Florali collection

My Current Inspiration: The NatureVerse

Presently, my passion revolves around the NatureVerse—a symbol of my connection to nature and the encompassing beauty it holds. The NatureVerse represents the harmonious coexistence of the natural world and the surreal world of digital / technology. By intertwining these elements in a captivating dance, I have created a new organic jewellery collection that captures the essence of nature-inspired beauty while incorporating surreal chunky elements and feminine touches within a realm of edgy technology. Experience the lush and luxury allure of the NatureVerse in each meticulously crafted piece here.

From inspiration to creation: The creative process unveiled

My creative process begins by seeking inspiration from the physical and digital wonders of the world. I engage in extensive trend analysis, collecting inspiration into moodboards that confirm my hunches and provide an overview of my analyses. Below is the moodboard that inspired my NatureVerse collection:

Moodboard that inspired my NatureVerse collection

Next, I translate these ideas into detailed sketches, investing ample time and care into capturing the shapes and forms. I often use colour to bring these sketches to life, gaining a better understanding of their potential and the richness they can exude. See the colours brought to life in my sketch-video below:

To further refine my designs, I bring them to life through 3D modeling, allowing for greater exploration and creating intricate and captivating designs. This approach minimizes metal waste, offers design flexibility, and enables me to push the boundaries of creativity, resulting in advanced luxurious pieces that embody innovation and craftsmanship. 

When the 3D models are ready for casting, I meticulously craft each piece using traditional techniques. Every curve, texture, and gemstone are thoughtfully considered, resulting in meticulously executed designs that exude excellence and opulence. I pay close attention to surface finishes, choosing between high-polished or satin matte textures, and expertly handle stone settings and the selection of real pearls, ensuring each piece is a true work of art. 

Linking sustainability, innovation and luxury

At the heart of Livva Østerby is a commitment to sustainability and luxury. I firmly believe in creating high-quality jewellery that not only captivates the eye but also reflects responsible practices. As a Danish luxury jewellery brand, I take pride in using recycled gold and sterling silver, as well as ethical diamonds. These choices align with my values of sustainability and ensure that each piece of jewellery is made from precious, solid, high-quality materials, without compromising the planet or my design expression.

I offer a wide selection of jewellery designs made in sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, but also in 18k or 14k solid gold. My jewellery is often embellished with precious stones, diamonds and fine natural pearls, which add a touch of luxury. Experience the allure of Danish jewellery design, where minimalist aesthetics blend with bold creativity and where ethical values converges with opulent innovation. Embrace the uniqueness of my collections and find the perfect piece that embodies your individuality, making a statement of extravagance and timeless elegance.

Shop now and discover my world of Danish luxury jewellery, where high-quality craftsmanship, design and innovation converge in lush harmony.