Livva Østerby embraces the new philosophy of 'aesthetic sustainability', as explained by Danish writer Kristine Hornshøj Harper. Like her, we believe that sustainable design encompasses not only environmental considerations but also enduring qualities.

You can divide duration into two categories, each showcasing a vision of unique perspectives. The timeless classic design and the more complex design, showing the beauty of the sublime. 

At Livva Østerby, we focus on creating long-lasting jewellery that embodies both, by choosing either timeless elegance or sublime innovation in the beginning of our design process:

  • Timeless design: By designing a more classic piece of jewellery, we make sure you never tire of it. Through our unique and meticulously crafted jewellery, we capture the timeless essence of enduring elegance. Discover an example on classic design in our Skylar Sway collection.
  • Sublime design: By designing innovative and intricately detailed jewellery, we offer you a truly exceptional treasure that will continually inspire awe and provide you with a delightful new experience every time you wear the piece. Discover an example of more detailed sublime design in our Alva Florali collection.

In this way, we transcend short-term trends and encourage a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to fashion.

Read more about our values and sustainability practises below: