At Livva Østerby, we are dedicated to using ethically sourced materials, ensuring that our products embody our values. Through the use of certified recycled gold and sterling silver, we not only give new life to these precious metals but also contribute to the principles of the circular economy. By embracing ethical sourcing, we actively reduce the environmental impact and negative aspects associated with mining, while actively promoting a more sustainable future.

A precious choice: Standing the test of time

We believe in the enduring value of our jewellery. Each piece is meticulously crafted using only the finest materials, including 18k and 14k solid gold and sterling silver. This commitment to precious metals ensures that every item is durable, capable of being cherished for a lifetime and passed down through generations. Our devotion to creating long-lasting jewellery means that our pieces can be polished, repaired, and renewed over time, preserving their inherent beauty and integrity.

Shop with confidence knowing that our jewellery meets the highest standards of excellence and is backed by our commitment to quality and authenticity. All our jewellery is nickel-free and made of precious metals, ensuring exceptional quality. Each piece is stamped and certified correctly to guarantee authenticity:

  • Our 18k gold jewellery is stamped with "750"
  • Our 14k gold jewellery is stamped with "585"
  • Our Sterling silver jewellery is stamped with "925"


Read more about our values and sustainability practises below: